July 2, 2015

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We welcome our new sponsor:  Ian Oliver!

Ian Oliver - Getting Back On TopMeet Ian Oliver, author of the bestselling book Getting Back On Top. Ian answers your most important relationship, dating and sex questions! For more information, please visit Ian’s website at www.2ndchanceatromance.com. Plus, Ian serves as the president and CEO of Evolution (providing comprehensive financial advisory services and money management as well as of Sunshine (providing strategic advisory services for startup companies!







VP LOGO UseVantage Point Recovery!

Vantage Point Lifestyle and Recovery Management Center is a family-run intensive outpatient mental health treatment facility based in Thousand Oaks, California. Their outpatient recovery center provides a wide range of therapies for those experiencing functional impairments from the symptoms of mental illness, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.  Vantage Point has a diverse team of licensed mental health practitioners, case managers, life coaches, mindfulness specialists, to name a few, who guide clients towards better managing life in transition, helping clients recover the best parts of themselves and creating a more healthy, stable and fulfilling lifestyle.

We are honored to have had their support!

Kym Gold

Kym Gold!

Kym is the author of the business memoir, Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire, called “a front-row seat to a huge upheaval, not only in her own life, but in American business, as it comes to grips with the kind of woman who is here to change the game.”  Leah Remini says, “Kym’s achievements in business will leave one in awe, that’s a given” and Mark Burnett notes that Kym “always takes action on her instinct and seems to win time and time again.”

We are honored to have had her support our show. Thanks Kym!





  • Your product or company will have a global presence
  • You get more for your money since you advertisement will be heard repeatedly through replays of the show and through podcasts, unlike terrestrial radio where you ad is heard only during the broadcast.
  • Internet radio is gaining popularity, while terrestrial radio is fading. (See below for statistical information)


Internet Radio
Internet radio is a rapidly growing venue, attracting listeners with higher education and socioeconomic status than those who tune in to terrestrial radio. According to the national survey from Edison Research and Triton Digital (http://www.edisonresearch.com/the-infinite-dial-2015/):

  • 53% of Americans age 12 and older listen to online radio monthly.
  • 44% or roughly 119 million people listen on a weekly basis.
  • More than 71% now own a smartphone, an increase of 10% from the 2014 report.
  • About 46 million people use podcasts monthly, up from 39 million in 2014.

According to Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research, “Online Radio has become mainstream. Podcasts are enjoyed by a significant portion of the population, and even the social media platforms that dominated five years ago have shifted. It’s vital for marketers and advertisers to understand and plan for these shifts.”

According to John Rosso, president, Market Development, Triton Digital, “For years Americans have been occasional listeners but for the first time it’s apparent that streaming audio has become an ingrained part of our lives…listening is now 44 percent….huge opportunity for publishers and marketers to better identify and target their listeners to maximize ad-based revenue.”

Currently The Dr. Debra and Therapist Kelli Show has about 10,000 listeners per month and these numbers are rapidly growing. The show reached 30,000 listeners alone in less than 4 months of being on air, anticipating 20,000 listeners per month by the end of 2015.


Rates for sponsorship for each 30-second spot is as follows:

  • Intro or Outro: $25.00 per 1000 listeners
  • All others: $18 per 1000 listeners
  • For every 10,000 listeners per month, one Intro or Outro spot is $250.00 per month (or $500.00 for both), each middle spot is $180.00 per month.
  • If you select 3 spots (one of each per show) your monthly total would be $680.00.
  • Rates increase as listenership rises– the larger the audience-the greater the potential for your message to be heard!

What You Get:
For each pre-recorded spot:

  • Hosts will frequently mention and thank the sponsors during each show.
  • You or someone from your company will be invited periodically to appear as a guest on the show (frequency to be negotiated).
  • Your message will be featured on our page on La Talk Radio and on our DocAndTherapist.com website and Facebook Page.


Sponsorship is limited to only a select few, so it’s wise to secure a spot now. If you would like further information, please contact the hosts at docandtherapist@gmail.com.

You may also call Dr. Debra at 818.335.6309 or Therapist Kelli at 818.395.5447.