July 2, 2015

Be A Guest

Be a Guest on The Doctor Debra and Therapist Kelli Show!

  • Are you an author, speaker, celebrity, or expert in your field?
  • Do you have an inspiring story you would like to share with the world?
  • Or do you have something unique and interesting to inform the world with regards to health and wellness?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Our weekly, call-in, advice show, geared toward helping listeners enhance their emotional and mental well-being, features guests who have an important and valuable message to share with a larger audience.

You don’t have to be famous to be a guest. However, since our show must be both informative and entertaining, we ask that you know your area well, are comfortable speaking in front of others and can enjoy playful banter and a light-hearted tone.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to be a guest on our show – please fill out the contact form below. If you are an agent or publicist, please also complete the form and let us know whom you are representing. We will respond at our earliest convenience. Thank you for listening and for your interest!

Previous Guests

“What more could you want than two girlfriends—the non-judgy, you-can-tell-them anything type—who are also THERAPISTS?  That’s Kelli and Dr. Debra! Their enthusiasm and generosity of spirit make for conversations that offer both meaning and levity. I feel as lucky to have been a guest on their show as their listeners must feel during every episode. ”

– Faith Salie, Author of Approval Junkie

“It’s a good thing I chatted with Dr. Debra and Kelli via phone and not in person, because I would have never left and security would have had to escort me out. Which would have been awkward. Both women are master conversationalists; interesting and interested. Being on their show was the highlight of my week.”
– Jancee Dunn, Author of How Not to Hate Your Husband After Having Kids





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